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 NOSB Training Modules for Volunteers

The below training** modules are intended to train volunteers for the NOSB competition.  However they can be used by Team members and Coaches to review competition expectations.  

Receiving credit for training:  You are welcome to review all materials below at your leisure and as often as you like.  To receive credit for these training modules, the attached quiz has to be taken. After successfully passing the test, you will need to complete a number of tasks of various professional directions. Regarding performing exercises in economic or marketing disciplines, you can use the help of professionals and send a request write my marketing homework to 

  **Additional training topics can be requested by contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Program Overview Training (required for new volunteers; optional review for returning volunteers)

This training will describe various volunteer opportunities within NOSB, detail the Mission of NOSB as well as give an overview of the competition rules.  The final draft of rules and rule changes were released 9/29/14.  Reference Documents:2014_2015 competition rules


Program Overview Training presentation

 Program Overview Quiz(being updated)


Scorekeeper Training

This training is required for scorekeepers but open to all volunteers who would like to review how scoring works for NOSB competition.  The slide show explains how each item was scored for one 6 minute buzzer segment for one round.  All scoring is aligned with the competition rules and scoring matrix found on the National NOSB website.  Reference Documents: scorekeeper;  scorekeeper-instructions

Scorekeeper Training presentation

Scorekeeper Quiz

 Science Judge Training

 This training describes the roles and responsibilities for Science Judges.  

 Science Judge Online Training

 Science Judge Quiz


eOSB User Manual

eOSB is the software used to display the Toss Up and Bonus Questions for the Moderator and Science Judge. The software is distributed directly to the Moderators and Science Judges prior to the competition.  The user manual is attached below to help Science Judges and Moderators stay familiar with how the software works.  



Rules Judge Training

This presentation is intended to allow rules judges to understand their roles and responsibilities.  Rules Judges are encouraged to review the newest copy of the competition rules as well.  The quiz for Rules Judge will include information from the presentation as well as the competition rules.  

Rules Judge Presentation

Rules Judge Quiz


Coming SOON!

Moderator Training

Timekeeper Training

Mock Round (VIDEO)


Room Runners and Event Staff 



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