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K12 Activities!


Dr. Carla Curran launches as new podcast on K12 outreach.  Listen here.:



More K12 Modules!


Noodling for Mollusks:  Who Knew That Some

Mussels are Threatened or Endangered?

 Noodling Effort 20/12/2010,17:33

 Mollusc Abundance Data Sheet 20/12/2010,17:34

 Figure 2 Grading Rubric 20/12/2010,17:35

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Go flatfish fishing on dry land!


 flatfishsampling 14/06/2011,14:36 7.46 Mb 


Click here to watch a flatfish swim (opens a YouTube video) 

Click here to watch Fundulus swim (opens a YouTube video)

What are bottlenose dolphins doing on land?

An activity teaching the scientific method

through the unique behavior of strand feeding.

 Download the pdf!
Maximizing the Benefits for Educators with Monitoring Classroom Systems

The best Day Trips from Alicante: Exploring the Surrounding Area

 What are bottlenose dolphins doing on land? 26/08/2010,14:00



A day in the life of a grass shrimp.


Download the pdf!


Educators: Check out our new

Brochure for Outreach Programs

K-5 Classroom Visit Brochure


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