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K12 Youth and Outreach

in Marine Sciences

 Mission:  The focus of the Marine Sciences Youth and Outreach program is to bridge between the SSU Marine and Environmental Sciences Program and students in local K-12 schools.  The programs housed in this department are designed to deliver the Ocean Literacy Principles by using hands-on science and teaching techniques.  For students, many opportunities and other resources are presented to help them conduct research and expand their scientific interests. Of course, some tasks and processes require special attention and help from professionals, so some students use the opportunity to buy book report via https://specialessays.com/buy-book-reports/ and get the main information of several authors in one work.  


Coast Camp

This is a four week summer camp designed for young people ages 7-18.  Campers participate in activities aligned with the Ocean Literacy Principles.   Applications to participate in this camp will be available in late March.  Please follow the link to learn more about Coast Camp.



Savannah State University  is the regional host site for the Georgia-South Carolina Ocean Sciences Bowl Competition, the Southern Stingray Bowl.  As a coastal community, Savannahians are very invested in educating constituents of all ages
about issues that face coastal cities (ex. importance of water conservation, emergency management, coastal fisheries, and coastal resource protection). By encouraging ocean literacy,  the NOSB will provide a forum for local students to understand their coastal environment and understand how humans and the ocean are connected.

As an HBCU with B.S. and M.S. degree programs in the Marine Sciences, SSU seeks to provide resources and leadership to local teachers , students, and organizations who would be interested in forming NOSB teams but who may face obstacles doing so.


SSU Ocean Ambassadors  

Volunteer Opportunities

New to the outreach program is the Marine Sciences Volunteers.  This program provides SSU students opportunities to connect with the community through community contact booths, classroom and campus visits.  Volunteers receive confirmation of community service hours as well as opportunities to network with other Marine Science experts.  

 SSU students interested in being a volunteer should visit the volunteer page and register for Outreach Event Updates.  


To see events we are currently participating in visit our calendar .  


Educator Resources


The Outreach Department offers a variety of educational opportunities for educators.   Educators are free to chose from a variety of activities aligned with the Ocean Literacy principles as well as state curriculum standards.  Participation in a program cost: FREE Educators interested in a programs should contact the Marine Sciences Outreach Coordinator



Community and School Outreach program calendar for the 2015-2016 School Year will be Posted in late July 2015.   



NOAA Games for



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