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Carol Pride received her Ph. D. from the University of South Carolina in the Marine Sciences. Prior to this she received a B.A. degree in Environmental Science from Wesleyan University (CT). She has held two postdoctoral researcher positions: one at USC in the Department of Geology and one at the Marine Science Institute of the University of California in Santa Barbara. In addition, she served two years as a visiting assistant professor at the College of Charleston where she taught oceanography and biology courses. Pride is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics’ Marine Sciences Program at Savannah State University where she teaches undergraduate (Marine Science I, Physical Geology, Marine Sediments, Biological Oceanography) and graduate (General Oceanography, Oceanic Change) courses. She has also chaired the graduate admissions committee of the Marine Science M.S. program since it began in 2002.    Pride’s research interests include marine sedimentation, paleoceanography, and paleoecology. She uses micropaleontology and stable isotope biogeochemistry to better understand connections between physical processes in the ocean, marine primary production, and the marine sediment record. Her previous studies concentrated on climatic influences on waters of the Gulf of California and the Southern Ocean. Pride’s current research with SSU students is focused on the South Atlantic Bight and the Benguela Current system off southwest Africa. Pride and her students are investigating the utility of benthic foraminifera and diatoms as indicators of salinity in Georgia estuaries; the impact of a migrating shell ridge on salt marsh vegetation and sediment accumulation; seasonal, interannual, and downstream variations in estuarine planktonic diatom communities; and characterization of benthic foram assemblages on the Georgia shelf. Pride and her students are also active in community outreach and deliver hands-on lessons on plankton and marine geology to Savannah area schools.

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