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Dr. Dionne Hoskins

Office Location: Harris Hall room 115



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Skype name: Dionne.Hoskins

Facebook: Dionne Hoskins



Welcome to my page! I hope it will be a helpful resource for students and other folks interested in the work NOAA Fisheries does at Savannah State University. After all, students often seek advice from experienced professionals, both on conducting certain studies and on writing quality custom essay.


Information for Academic Advisees

Please feel free to send me a contact request on Skype.  I use it to be more accessible, particularly for off campus students and for after hours access. I also respond to texts; you can get that contact information during our first advisement meeting.


Make sure you have a copy of the grid and degree curriculum that corresponds to the catalog year (and semester) you were admitted.  They have changed, over the years.  You can follow the one in use during your admission or a subsequent one, but only one, and once you choose one, you should stick with it. Ninety-nine percent of the time I will likely recommend the grid linked to your admission date. Current info is found on the SSU Marine Sciences webpage:   .








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