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Dr. Hintz's Page
B.S. Chem Eng. Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology
M.S. Chem Eng. RHIT
Ph.D. Marine Sciences University of South Carolina
Research Interests
Carbonate Chemistry, Ocean Acidification
Technique and Method Development
Advanced/Computer Controlled Culture Techniques
Current Projects
ONR SENSR - Freshmen and Sophomore STEM
Research/Training Program
NSF REU (Co-PI); Techniques for Unattended Monitoring of
Carbonate Chemistry
Low-cost, Low-effort Marine Algal Biomass Production for
Biofuels or Feedstocks
 Number of Graduate Students
Supervised: 1
Graduate Student:  Michael Scaboo
     Program Start Date:  Fall 2013
Organizations/Meetings Attended
UNOLS Fall Meeting, October, 2013
SEERS October, 2012
UNOLS Chief Scientist Workshop, June 2011
International Sea Turtle Symposium April 2011
Funding Sources
Office Naval Research
National Science Foundation
Selected Publications
Invention Disclosure – SSU Sponsored Programs
Hintz, CJ, AS Wilkinson*.  Low-cost, low-energy, high-volume, non-destructive microorganism water separation, concentrating, and dewatering technique.  Jan 2010. Non-Provisional Patent Application (app. no.13,300,883) filed November 2011.
Invention Disclosure - #716 USC Research Foundation
Hintz, CJ, KJ Hintz. “Alkalinity Determination”  Jan 2008.  Filed Feb, 2010. Issued Jan 2013. (pat. no. 8,349,614). 
Invention Disclosure - #712 USC Research Foundation 
Hintz, CJ.  “High-efficiency, non-toxic scrubber for removing carbon dioxide from atmospheric air.”  Jan 2008.  Filed April, 2009.  Issued May, 2012 (pat. no. 8,167,979).  
 Peer-reviewed Publications
Hintz, C. J., T. J. Shaw, G. T. Chandler, J. M. Bernhard, D. C. McCorkle, J. K. Blanks*. 
2006. Trace/Minor element:calcium ratios in cultured benthic foraminifera. Part I: Interindividual and interspecies variation.  Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta. 70, 1952-1963. 
Hintz, C. J., T. J. Shaw, J. M. Bernhard, G. T. Chandler, D. C. McCorkle, J. K. Blanks*.  2006. Trace/Minor element:calcitum ratios in cultured benthic foraminifera. Part II: Ontogenetic variation.  Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta. 70, 1964-1976. 
Hintz, C. J., G. T. Chandler, J. M. Bernhard, D. C. McCorkle, S. M. Havach, J. K. Blanks*, T. J. Shaw.  2004. A physicochemically-constrained seawater culturing system for production of benthic foraminifera.  Limnol. Oceanogr.: Methods. 2, 160-170.
Bernhard, J. M., J. K. Blanks*, C. J. Hintz, G. T. Chandler.  2004.  Use of the fluorescent calcite marker calcein to label foraminiferal tests.  J. Foram. Res. 34: 96-101.
McCorkle, D. C., J. M. Bernhard, C. J. Hintz, J. K. Blanks*, G. T. Chandler, T. J. Shaw.  2008. The carbon and oxygen stable isotopic composition of cultured benthic foraminifera.   Geological Society of London, Special Volume Series: Biogeochemical Controls on Palaeoceanographic Climate Proxies. 
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